sábado, junio 24, 2006

Happy memories.

I just got pictures of Quintay - a beach that I travelled to with my housemates. Thanks, Nick! This first one may come as a shock. Certainly did first time I saw it. I'm not sure I've ever seen me this happy! Taken in a little seaside restaurant after a great meal with a very sweet waitress.

My housemates, walking with their dogs. Well, you can barely see the dogs but believe me they are there. I like how this photo came out. You may call me retarded for not asking them to turn around and say cheese but sometimes you just don't want to bother people, ya know?

I obviously hate bothering people.

My dream home. Can you imagine? Anyone visiting would have to cross that rickety bridge. The perfect hideaway.

A fisherman that caught my eye. Hard to believe I lived in such a gorgeous country. Before my flight took off for NY, I promised myself I'd go back one day. Soon, I hope.