viernes, junio 16, 2006


I have lots to say but I really want to go play basketball. It's nice out - boiling hot and sunny. I'm in NJ. There is not much to say about NJ. It's a boring state where people live and raise kids. Lots of people write songs about it. I could never figure out why. I take lots of walks here. There's nothing much else to do seeing as I live in the middle of nowhere. The nearest place of business is a supermarket and that's a 40 minute walk.

Some pictures:

I don't know what bird hatched this but it was probably a robin. There are robins everywhere.

This is the beginning of a patch of forest near a main road. When I was little my dad used to stop the car here so we could pick tigerlillies. Unfortunately, there are none now. I think they bloom in August. The 'no hunting' sign is up because lots of deer live in these woods and crazy Americans like to shoot stuff.

Blue jay in a pine tree. Futher up this road is my old elementary school.

I like to think it died of boredom. Poor thing.

Time to shoot some hoops!