domingo, mayo 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

I don't often tell her this, but I think my mom is very cool. She grew up on the Slovak side of former Czechoslovakia, in a crazy little gypsy-infested city called Kosice. She speaks several languages fluently - Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, English, and, I think, a bit of Russian. When she was little Kruschev visited her school and she was chosen to give him flowers.

She's lived in the US since 1968. When the Russians invaded Czechoslovakia, my grandfather sent her packing to America. She still has a hint of an accent when she speaks English. My brother and I regularly speak to each other in a very exaggerated version of this accent. We really like the way it sounds. We also like how she invents her own words and phrases. For example, she can never remember anyone's name so she says "this one" or "that one" when referring to random person. My brother and I constantly use the Transylvanianized "dis vun" and "dat vun" in conversation. If we say "da dis vuns," that means my parents. "Da dees vun" means my mother specifically. Yeah, we're nuts. She made us that way.

Here she is with me at the top of San Cristobal Hill in Santiago. She likes peanuts. That's what she's trying to feed me.

Well that's my mom - the woman who taught me that DKNY was the sporty line of Donna Karan before she taught me the alphabet. Happy Mother's Day, Ma! See you soon.


Blogger BTExpress said...

Sorry I havn't been back to visit. I forgot to add your link to my bookmarks, so didn't know how to find you again. Then I remembered you left a comment and found it. The link (your name) lead me back here. So I'm back. I also remembered to add your name to my bookmarks this time.

BTW, when are you coming back home?

2:22 a. m.  
Blogger LNR said...

Hi again. It's all good! This is the interweb. Most people come and go, no?

I'm coming back home in June.

Scared to death.

12:35 a. m.  
Blogger BTExpress said...

Yeah, but there's something I like you so would like to stay in touch.

Why in the world are you scared to come back?

1:45 a. m.  
Blogger LNR said...

Many reasons to be scared. It's complicated. I never felt I had a place in the US. It never felt like home to me. One person told me I'm entitled to think of it as a foreign country this time around. Hope that helps me adjust!

Meanwhile, been reading your blog too! I am just bad at leaving comments.

5:46 p. m.  

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