lunes, abril 17, 2006

My parents...

gave me the best birthday present ever. They came to visit. No kidding! These two haven't left the US since 9/11 except to go to Canada (once). They came all the way to the southernmost country in South America! We had fun. They also gave me Bob Dylan's Chronicles Volume 1. Another good present!

This was Saturday night. That cake was as big as my head and it was mostly frosting. Just the way I like it. I think my parents startled the waiters a bit when they broke out with Happy Birthday in English. Poor guys didn't know the words and kinda mouthed it. They were all psyched up to break into a "Feliz Cumpleanos."

I took these two to the airport earlier tonight. They become my brother's responsibility as of 8:30 tomorrow morning (keeten, pay attention to all the signs at JFK - it's enormous). More about their adventures soon.

Thanks Ma and Da. Love you. And I made it back from the airport ok (obviously).