sábado, marzo 11, 2006

Chile's first female president inaugurated today.

It took two rounds of voting, but she did it. Yay, Michelle Bachelet!

Campaigns were madness. I have never seen so much paper. Candidates' pictures were everywhere. Here's a street in Vina del Mar. This Lavin guy also had a 12ft tall cutout of himself walking out of the Andes Mountains in a town on the outskirts of Santiago. Unfortunately, I never got a picture of it. But trust me, the campaigning was something to see. No public space was safe from candidates' faces - buses, trees, sides of buildings, telephone poles...

And in Valparaiso. That red banner makes a funny side story. That is Chile's use-a-condom campaign. They're using the A-OK sign to encourage use of protection. Now nobody can make that hand gesture without getting a chuckle.

The list of candidates. Hey Ma, one of your people running for president - a Communist Jew! Can you spot him?

Although I have nothing to do with any of this, I am proud to be here. Proud to be in a country led by someone these people expect a lot from in the coming years. Proud, and perhaps a bit envious.

Se siente, se siente, Michelle es presidente!