jueves, marzo 09, 2006

Places to go, people to see.

Just had an excellent dinner with Tom's parents. They are so nice. Even offered to pay for me because I've helped Tom with some stuff since he's been here. I think I've kind of adopted him as a little brother at times. He's the same age as Jason. Poor Jason. I am subconsciously longing to replace him with someone who is not a million miles away! Anyway, seems like Tom and his parents had a great time travelling through the south. Tom came back raving about Patagonia, which really makes me want to go. I think I will need at least 3 years here to see what I want to see (especially on my income as an English teacher!). Current wishlist for a vacation goes a little something like this:

1. Easter Island
2. Chile's Patagonia
3. Atacama Desert
4. Paraguay (Asuncion, rainforest)
5. Peru (Lima, Machu Picchu)
6. Bolivia
7. Uruguay
8. Argentina (Mendoza, Buenos Aires)

I really don't feel like waking up to teach my class tomorrow. 2 hours with a bus driver. Beginner English. I taught him the alphabet and numbers recently. I hate beginner classes in the morning. They are draining! Excellent Spanish practice though. How does the bus driver pay English lessons? Good question. Get this - his father is a wealthy man who owns a construction company in Australia. The father sent him money to study English so that he could pass IELTS and qualify for a job as a foreman with the construction company in a year. Dude's got a long way to go. Hope he makes it. He is a very sweet guy.

Have I mentioned how much I love people here? Well I do. Not a day goes by when someone doesn't make me smile about something. I don't think I've ever been in a country so full of such pleasant people. If only I could get a real job - meaning real work hours and an actual income where I could save some - dang it, I'd just stay!