lunes, abril 03, 2006

Sunny and smoky with a chance of freezing your butt off por la noche.

Mom, Dad, you asked about the weather. See above.

Today I was supposed to go to Registros Civiles to get my Chilean ID. I got there around noon with all the necessary paperwork. I took a number. B37. The counter at the front said A33. Was I in the wrong line? I went over to some lady at a desk and asked. Nope, that’s where I was supposed to wait. I think to myself, maybe the letter doesn’t mean anything. It couldn’t possibly be that I had to wait until they got up to 100 and started over again with the letter B. That letter had better not mean anything! But there were hoards of people lazing about.

How could my number come up so quick if all these yacking, hacking, smoking Chileans got here before me? Hey, who knows – this could be a popular hangout. It wouldn’t be the first time I saw people in this country sitting around and talking for no earthly reason. Well, the counter went to 37. I walked over to a desk and handed over my documents. And guess what. There were 100 people in front of me! The guy had me go back to waiting.

After 2 minutes I was well on my way to death by lung cancer.

I couldn’t stand there. It’d be hours till it was my turn. I’ll have to go back early tomorrow morning before the Chileans wake up. So I made my way home in the blistery sun and did laundry. It’s 85F out there, complete with killer UV rays. Tonight, it’s expected to go down to 40F. That’s summer and winter all in one day! Mom, Dad, you’d better be packing for every season.

What a pain in the ass about that ID card. It took forever to get my work visa processed. Ever since, I’ve had to do bunches of running around to get my paperwork in order. None of these places are near each other. This was my last step and I was so looking forward to having this over and done with. I really hope there is less of a crowd in this place tomorrow morning.

Sun is draining the life out of me. I can't believe how many people I saw put flaming sticks of tobacco and nicotine into their faces this afternoon. When do you guys breathe??