jueves, septiembre 21, 2006

Angelito Vuela

Taking a break from the usual.

I thought I’d share this with whoever happens to be reading. I like a type of music called reggaeton. I guess you could say it's Spanish rap mixed to a reggae beat. Sometimes, a touch of salsa or merengue gets thrown into the mix. Most of it is total, utter crap. Many of the lyrics, when you bother to listen, speak like gangster rap – Death Row Dre-and-Snoop-bouncing-in-a-Caddy gangster rap. The guys who sing reggaeton (almost always men, with few exceptions) wear big, shiny chains in videos sippin up gin and juice with their mind on their money and their money on nothin but some g-thangs if you know what I’m saying. I think the beats are very catchy. It’s only once in a blue moon that one of these guys will write a song where words take on a life of their own, apart from the music.

I put new songs on my mp3 player the other day. I had my headphones on at work today and when I got to this one song I began to wonder what in the world I was listening to – some haunting chorus about a little angel flying away, wings of death, something about a relationship, and then I couldn’t catch the rest. So I looked up the lyrics when I got home and, well, it’s actually a very beautifully worded song. The whole story, more or less, told in the video:
Angelito Vuela, Don Omar

EDIT - 9/21. Because friend said wording was making him cringe. Upon reading this sober... um, yeah. Yikes. I am cheesetastic! Not changing the top part, Mickey luv. In some way I feel I deserve at least that level of embarrassment for liking this music.


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