miércoles, agosto 29, 2007

My better half comes to visit.

Haha! Boston, I laugh in the face of your heatwave! Oh, how that boy suffered.
Public Gardens, Boston Common
On a day of record-breaking high temperatures, I dragged him on long, long walk to the beach. To my surprise, he made it there and back (thanks to a gigantoid slurpee and many a union break). What a trooper!
Castle Island, South Boston
Castle Island, South Boston

I got him Vietnamese food and a tan that day. Am I not the best sister ever? Look at the purple poster behind him. It was an ad for bubble tea that said "Let's chew some gummi bubbles." Ya know, America doesn't make us fat enough so let's all put starch in our drinks. No thanks! Cute poster though.
Dong Khanh, Chinatown

domingo, agosto 12, 2007

Castle Island

I always knew this place wasn't far from my house. I Google-mapped it on Saturday and found it's only a 3 mile walk.

Matchiatku, we're going here when you visit. No union breaks. You can sit when we get to the beach!

I managed to go to the beach 3 times in 2 days. Awesome.

And finally, a family flying a kite. Jen, this one's for you! :)