miércoles, octubre 03, 2007

Man, you must be putting me on!

I went to see Bob Dylan. It was fun! So... where in the world was this billing done? Worcester (WOOH-STAH!), out on highway god-knows-what I wasn't driving.

The concert was 4 hours long. It started with a folky band called Amos Lee. They were alright, but the poor guys were overshadowed by the two big guns. I'm no Elvis Costello fan, but holy hell did he rock the place! Just him and his guitar in a humongous venue that doubles as an ice hockey arena in winter. He made it feel like a small little gathering - like an MTV Unplugged, telling little stories about where his songs came from and getting the audience to sing along. I have to say, I was charmed.

BUT THEN. THEN came the whole reason I wanted this ticket in the first place. Bob Dylan came on stage singing Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat. In his old age he's gone from hobo hippie to crazy old cowboy, his voice rolling all around like a tumbleweed. I don't think I've ever been so star-struck in my life! It even took me a while to get over the fact I was in the same building as him when we walked in. I mean, it was like, if they dug up and revived Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Hitler and had them on stage doing gymnastics in pink leotards, I honestly don't think I could've been any more impressed. FOR REALS!

Unfortunately, Bob does not like to be photographed. The ushers were really strict about it. I snuck some pictures with my camera sitting on the chair, but none came out too great. Dylan is in the white hat. I was a bit weirded out by the fact that he's got this symbol now - like Prince!

His songs, his voice, everything was incredible! He played a nice mix of things including Don't Think Twice, Highway 61, Watchtower, Ballad of a Thin Man *heart*, and a lot from his new album - Modern Times.

Next time - I sure hope there is a next time - but next time, I am not going to be cheap getting tickets. I want to be right up front with all the ex-hippies!


Blogger BTExpress said...

I think I saw him once, but I'm not exactly sure. Those were my hippies days. I was actually alive for the "Real" Woodstock. Well, some days I'm not so sure. ;-)

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