sábado, julio 14, 2007

Point Pleasant

Went home to New Jersey for the July 4th weekend. July 4th itself was fun, despite rain. My brother and I drove around in his car, in the direction of the few measly fireworks we could see in the distance. The aimlessness of the mission was made all the more demented by his music. Far as I'm concerned, the boy has always had bad taste. But now he listens to songs that sound like monster ballad versions of national anthems for emerging nations from the former communist block. As we were heading home, the rain stopped. We played catch outside on a poorly lit street with a tennis ball. Well, it was more like fetch. Neither of us could see the ball well enough to catch it.

A few days later, we went to one of the best places on earth - Point Pleasant. It's a beach town in central Jersey. There's a boardwalk and cheesy arcades, rides, miniature golf, an aquarium, and loads of good food. It's heaven.

My brother and I like playing those machines that grip things for you. See that picture of my bag? I won all that in one try (because I'm very talented). They're all ShrekIII characters. It was funny to see them like that - every time I opened my bag, I felt I was looking at a captive fairy tale. The frog prince, puss 'n boots, and the big bad wolf dressed as grandma were all looking up at me!