domingo, febrero 25, 2007


Some Chinese New Year pictures from a very cold Boston...

Either my ears are ringing, I am still hearing the gongs and firecrackers through my window, or both. I forgot how loud it gets. Some people were smart enough to wear earplugs.

The look of those guys above just cracked me up. So macho! I think this is the same guy in the black from a different angle.

I love the guy with his gloves on trying to hold on to what is left of his hearing. This is also a picture of a very important lesson learned today. Next year, I put a scarf or bandana over my mouth. Firecracker smoke make you choke.

Here is that person who kind of conducts the lions. I don't know a hell of a lot about lion dances but they are cool to watch.

These are some people in my neighborhood. This is my street. See that sign in the upper right-hand corner that says 'Cocktail Jazz'? That's a restaurant called Chau Chau Dim Sum City. I live right above it. I like my hood. It's colorful.

BANG BANG BOOM! My apartment is literally vibrating with noise but I am very happy I don't live in some sleepy suburb.

My supermarket. I live 2 doors down to the left. You see the woman with the red t-shirt and jeans? She won't order me any more jars of Yeo's chicken curry sauce because she is fully stocked with other curry sauces that are not chicken-flavored. What is up with that? I try not to shop here because that woman seriously pisses me off. But recently it's been so cold that I don't exactly have much of a choice :(

Audience from above same supermarket. Too cute!

They are looking out from the second floor of a restaurant.
Gong xi fa cai! (or however you spell it...)


Anonymous Anónimo said...

wowieee, dese pictures are vreally good. da dis vuns got you velme dobre camera. dis vun looks like dey are gonna break out into a mosh pit.
i vant to visit da keet! maybe over spring break if i don't go home to da dis vuns. its da 11-17 of march. vee discuss dis, yish? daaa, i go sveep now!

12:16 a. m.  
Blogger LNR said...

Hay, matchiatku! Ydjeme moye doma!

12:21 a. m.  

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