domingo, febrero 11, 2007

Dr. Sketchy's

Today, this came to Boston. It was held at a bar near BU. Actually, a club. The models posed on a stage. There were contests - best napkin drawing, best incorporation of a hideously moist fence, best placement of a blowfish. I am kicking myself for not having brought my camera, because some of the art school types did amazing things with watercolor and charcoal and all those cool supplies only art school types seem to have. I'd never drawn off a model before, so this was interesting. I had no idea what I was doing. Here are some of my things.

Scrolling down = NSFW!

This girl's costumes rocked so hard. My drawings do them no justice.

There were a lot of black feathers.
Don't ask. I didn't finish this next drawing because I started talking to my friend. Frankenstein model was being a pain - he wouldn't stay still. He kept headbanging to music! It was too funny.
No, she is not totally topless. She was wearing pasties. I am not too fond of this last one. I switched my pen and made the model look humungous. She was fairly large, but did not have elephant ankles like the ones I drew.
If you live in Boston they are going to do this at Great Scott the 2nd Sunday of each month starting at 2:30. The stop is Harvard Ave. on the B line. It's a good time!