lunes, abril 09, 2007


A few weekends ago, some friends and I went to check out a maple syrup farm. I was picturing a little spout stuck in a tree but what we found was way more high tech. No, this was not like in the movies at all. It looked like a tree hospital. Trees had tubes coming out of them and going downhill towards...
this canister. The guy who ran the place gave us a taste of the maple sap. It tasted like water. They seriously have to boil it down to turn it into syrup.
Here is our tour guide boiling syrup. He told us the settlers discovered the stuff when a woman cooking with maple sap burned dinner. I thought it made for a funny story and I haven't looked it up so who knows if this is true. I find it hard to imagine why this woman wanted to cook with maple sap.
And what maple syrup tour is complete without llamas? These were there for the kiddies. They were fun. Ate bits of grain right out of our hands. They made no sense. But they were cute!
To close, a spooky tree. A spooky maple tree!