sábado, febrero 18, 2006

Christmas 2005

Here are some Christmas photos. I spent the holiday with Cecilia and her family (the people I stayed with when I first arrived). From left to right, that's Cecilia (manager of Cambridge U. Press office in Chile, spectacular cook, and altogether a very busy lady), Rocio (her extroverted, artistic, architect daughter), Alfredo (Rocio's enterprising businessman boyfriend), and a cousin of theirs. Was a lot of fun. Cecilia's apartment was the coolest - plants all over, cookbooks on every table (she collects), and some really nice antique furniture.

And here's me with Cecilia's mother-in-law, Lilian. Adorable woman - talks nonstop in this classic grandma voice. To our right - an old Singer sewing machine. Behind us is a really big balcony loaded with plants, books, and Rocio's pottery. The balcony also served as Jacinta's corner office - where she did her all her business.